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Exceptional Guest Posting Approach to Increase Website Traffic

Blogging is a very important part of Digital marketing. An updated version of blogging is Guest Posting or Guest Blogging. But, more important is to have understanding of how guest posting works for your brand?

Writing content for blogs to be published on sites other than yours is known as Guest Blogging. Now, this idea may seem weird to many digital writers. Sharing your quality content with other sites may sound bizarre.

Crazy as it may seem, it does work wonders in driving traffic to your website. 
Guest Blogging helps in driving organic traffic. It increases brand awareness. Moreover, it increases the search engine rank of your website through the back-links. The credibility among peers in your niche is also improved.

There might be people who have already had their hands on Guest Posting but have not got any leads. In this case, the method of pitching must be assessed and revised as the need be. You can take help of some software to improve your writing skills

It is very important that you select the right sites, good topics and insert natural links to your site in the article. 
This article will explain the benefits of Guest Blogging as well as give some actionable advice to achieve more traffic from it.

How does a Guest Post help in SEO?

how does guest posting works

Better brief to understand how guest posting works-

Google considers links as a primary factor for ranking pages. Guest blogging aids in SEO by securing links from other credible sites. 

In addition to this, it attracts readers with good content. If readers are impressed with the author’s style they will surely click on the profile or website links to read more. Such posts provide an educative value to the readers.  

Here, the authors can promote themselves along with their brands. 

Having your articles published on sites with high authority will benefit you. By doing so you will come across a wider and sophisticated audience. Besides, you will rank higher on search engines as you are linked with a top-ranking site. 

To achieve benefits from Guest Posting it is essential that you choose the topic and Host sites very carefully.
Here are some steps to help you gain the most out of your Guest Posting venture.

Find websites related to your services

The host blogs must have an audience similar to that of yours. Even if your content is great in quality, it will do you no good if it is irrelevant to the readers. You must approach sites that have a similar niche to that of yours.

The visitors of that site must fit into your target market. For example, you are an e-commerce company offering shoes and handbags. You can approach sites offering fashion advice, other footwear and handbag sellers online, or online fashion magazines.

If you are selling goods for young females specifically, it would be a waste to approach a site having males and senior citizens as a target audience. Therefore, it is most important that you research the site’s readers before pitching.

Moreover, it is essential to ensure that the site adds to your credibility. Just because it has the same target audience as you, it is not necessary to write for them. They must have high website traffic. A website with very little traffic will not have many readers. 

There must not be lots of ads in between the blogs as excessive ads can be annoying. This also makes the site look spammy. 

It is okay to deny requests from irrelevant blogging sites. There is no advantage for any of the parties if the content is not fit for the viewers. Do not be rude though. You can politely deny the request. Also, you can explain to them the reason why the exchange would not benefit both of you.

To find out relevant websites:

  • Consider your target audience
  • Consider your offerings
  • Search for websites offering similar services
  • Research their target audience
  • Check their domain authority

After you are ready with the list of sites you can approach, you can proceed to pitch them.

Send your ideas

How Guest Posting Works ?

Bloggers will not come to you asking to write for their page. It can happen in rare cases. Only if you are popular and well known in your industry, you may get writing requests from others. 

You need to take charge to reach websites on your own. Start off with the list you made by researching the relevant sites. Now, scroll through their website to check whether they accept Guest posts. You can also search on their website for the same.
Take help from search engines.

Another way of doing this is by typing website names on google with keywords like write for us, guest post guidelines, contribute, or become a contributor. When you have learned that they do accept guest articles, you can then send them your ideas. You can also send a completed draft on a suitable topic.

In case there is a popular online brand and they did not mention anything about Guest contributors, you can ask them directly. Don’t be afraid to inquire. You may be amazed by their reply. They might be impressed by the fact that you approached them for reducing their work by providing useful content.  

Steps to draft your pitch:

  • Read and follow the posting guidelines
  • Make a catchy subject line
  • Address the host personally
  • Explain your value
  • Be respectful
  • Correct the errors before sending
  • Be short and direct
  • Mention your previous works

And after you are done with the approaching, wait for some days before pitching again.

Reveal your unique voice

Your article must reflect your style. Do not try to copy someone else. Try to use the same tone in every blog of yours. If you are using humor and sarcasm, use it in every blog. It is okay to use a conversational tone. But be careful not to sound rude. Avoid being over-friendly. 

Adopt a unique but consistent writing style. Attract individuals to read more from you with pleasing writing skills. 

The blogs on your website and those on guest sites must have a similar tone. It must look like they were drafted by the same person. This will build trust in the readers. If they like the way your post talks to them, they might come back to your site for more of your articles.

Whereas changing the style of writing continuously will create a sense of doubt in the readers as well as the host. They will end up doubting your credibility. It will seem to them as if someone else has been writing for you. 

Practice makes perfect

How Guest Posting Works ?

Becoming a pro at guest blogging needs practice. You must keep writing. It is possible that at the start you might be denied many times. Despite that keep trying. Figure out where you are making mistakes. Make the necessary improvements.

Write for different sites. Opt for a variety of topics (relevant to your niche). As you write for different websites, you will get suggestions along with advice to make the content better. Take it positively.

This way your content writing will improve and so will your approach methods. The more sites you approach the better you become. Besides, as the number of guest posts rise the traffic on your site will increase too.

Now that you are familiar with the advantages and methods of Guest Posting Approach, do it regularly.

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