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Top 10 Benefits of Digital Marketing and Why it is must for Every Small Business

Over the last decade, technology has seen a significant shift from analog to digital. With this shift in technology, customers nowadays spend most of their time online.

According to the Forbes report, about 82% of consumers perform research online.

So, how to reach these consumers to grow your business?

The answer is Digital Marketing. Today, every business owners are implementing digital marketing tactics to effectively reach out to their target audience and grow their online presence.

Digital marketing is growing immensely, so it is essential to understand the benefits of digital marketing for the success of any business.

This article lists the Top 10 benefits of Digital Marketing and why it is a must for small business.

  1. Research Customers where they spend their most of time and money

Social media is everywhere where people are.  Research shows that people spend most of their time on social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram etc.

One of the top reasons for people using social media is to buy products. 48% of people say that they make an online purchase through Facebook ads.

But only 45% of marketers admit that their social media efforts are actually paying off. You will require an effective social media marketing strategies.

  1. Digital Marketing Helps you Interact with Targeted Audience

One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing for your business is that it helps you to interact with your targeted customers. Digital Marketing ensures that your efforts are focused in the right direction and the right customers are viewing your content.

Through Search Engine Optimization, your content will be reaching to the specific people who are searching for that keyword. And through, Pay-per-Click (PPC) and social media advertising, you can target those customers who are interested in your business.

  1. It is a cost-effective way for business marketing

Digital marketing is the most cost-effective method for marketing of your business. In traditional marketing, you will require a large budget to compete with large business for ad space, but with digital marketing, you can start with whatever budget you have.

For digital marketing, the only cost is time. SEO, content marketing, social media engagements will take some time but will generate a better result for your business.

Also, there are some paid tactics like PPC, display and, social media advertisements that can produce quick results for your business.

benefits of digital marketing

  1. Digital Marketing levels the playing field for small business

Earlier it was a myth that online marketing is only for large multinational companies who have sufficient resources to run online marketing campaigns.

But digital marketing offers equal opportunities to all the businesses, no matter what the size of the business is. Small, medium or large enterprises now share the same targeted traffic.

Digital marketing offers a great platform to small businesses to connect with a wide audience and customers all over the world and enhance their business.

  1. It helps you connect with mobile consumers

Digital marketing helps you to connect with customers who are browsing content through mobile devices. With Google mobile update, more and more websites are becoming mobile-friendly.

Mobile marketing generates up to 34% of the organic traffic on your website. The present time is the best time to plan your digital marketing efforts for mobile buyers. Mobile technology is also affecting the buying behaviors of customers.

  1. Digital marketing helps you save money and generate high revenues for your business

According to the Gartner’s Digital marketing report, small business is getting many benefits from digital marketing, around 40% of the considerable savings on your efforts.

Digital marketing generates high revenue for small businesses.  It tends to generate 2.8 times more revenue than traditional marketing. With better revenue, small and medium enterprises have 3.3 times better chances of expanding their business.

  1. Generates organic traffic for your business

Digital marketing tactics like Search Engine Optimization helps your business to get organic traffic. You don’t need a huge budget for organic traffic, using relevant keywords in your content; you can drive targeted traffic on your website.

Look for the most searched terms regarding the products and services you offer and include these keywords in your website’s blog.  Also, include longtail keywords like ‘how-to’ or ‘what happens if’ in your blog. Longtail keyword also generates large organic traffic on your website.

  1. Easy to measure and track results

With online marketing, you can easily analyze your results. By analyzing you can understand the buying decisions of your customers.

With free analytics software like Google Analytics, it is easy to measure and track your results. Using Google analytics, you can check the number of visitors coming to your website and how long they are spending on each page.

Tracking your results helps you to determine the best resources for you and get you most out of your marketing tactics.

benefits of digital marketing

  1. Digital marketing delivers improved conversion rate for your business

The success of digital marketing for your business can be measured by the percentage of traffic converted into leads and then into subscribers. Without conversion, there is no use of getting high traffic on your website.

SEO, social media marketing and email marketing are some of the proven methods to generate high conversion rate as these platforms build quick and effective communication with the user.

  1.  Improves Global Outreach of your small business

With digital marketing, your business is accessible to a global audience. It helps you to interact with the customers quite easily.

It also helps you to gain publicity to enhance your business and allows the website to find new customers globally with a small budget. Your business can reach out to a wider audience at a low cost.

By interacting with people digitally, you can get to know what they are looking for and offer them the best solutions.

Benefits of Digital marketing for small business

Businesses in the modern world need digital marketing because that’s where they can find their targeted customers. So, it is essential to have the sound knowledge of digital marketing and enjoy the benefits digital marketing offers to your business.

George is corporate relationship manager and Content Marketing Manager at Inc Academy – A leading Digital marketing Institute in Dubai , and he likes to share his knowledge on digital marketing topics.

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