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9 Outdated SEO Techniques You Should Avoid in 2019

Search engine optimization or SEO has gone through a lot of revolutionary changes throughout the previous decades and in future it will continue to do so. Most of the traditional marketing techniques hold true in this digital marketing process, but the changes SEO has changed the landscape.

However, all of these changes have brought improvement within the web and search process respectively. There are some people who love to stick with the old ways of marketing. They try to characterize all of the old tactics and expect hefty profit from them.

In order to drive out the myth of using some SEO zombie techniques for digital marketing and bring light on the new developed ways. This article is all about let you know few of those ways, which marketers should avoid to gain achievement in the year 2019.

  1. Keyword abuse

outdated SEO techniques

There are a lot of ways in which webmasters and marketers continue misunderstanding the role of keywords in a general SEO initiative. They do not know the exact way of using those keywords according to the day to day strategy.

Irrelevant keywords targeting and usage will only create confusion for the search engines and eventually this will not be helpful for the marketers anyway. In general, novice SEO practitioners try and fit the contents within the confines of their keyword research process.

Because of such activity, the brands lose the attention of readers even before having the chance of communicating a real message with them. In that case, they should consider doing the work in a proper way, like taking care of the keyword density and also the stuffing within the content.

  1. Writing for robots

outdated SEO techniques


The time, you are writing something unnatural, search engines know it. There is a myth that makes writers write the subject with it’s proper name. Working with variations and using plural versions of those words to get the bases covered should be avoided. Keyword density within a content is not going to help anymore.

Search engines are advanced enough in order to understand the repeated keywords, their variations and unfavorable experience of usual bad contents. So, writers need to keep in mind that, they are writing for humans not for the robots anymore.


  1. Article spinning

outdated SEO techniques

Article spinning is known to be the black hat tactic of recreating quality content just by using some different words, phrases and organization. However, the end result was a garbled mess of the source article as both of them have the same points to make. Well, its not effective anymore and its no surprise.

AI is getting better to create contents, but everything that has been produced by a machine will be low quality unless that has been produced by a human. The search engine requires something to be original, helpful, and of substance.

  1. Buying links

outdated SEO techniques

Even after so many years later, this one is still biting the webmasters. If it seems to be shaddy, one should not consider doing it anyway. Buying link is nothing different and previously, it was a routine to purchase a high volume of links that are pointing at your website and you are paying for that.

However, marketers are accepting that backlink profiles need to be maintained and optimized just like the websites we oversee. Low quality domains with a bunch of backlinks pointing to a website can be very dangerous for its health.

Search engines like Google is able to identify low quality sites and if those sites are sending an abundance of links out that they should not, it will identify easily that too. Now, if you want to help boosting the authority and visibility of your website, you will need to earn links instead of paying someone to build them manually.

  1. Anchor text

outdated SEO techniques

Internal linking is known to be a characteristic of any good site structure and user experience as well. This is generally done with the anchor text that is an HTML element and it allows us to tell users the type of content they are expecting on the time, they are clicking on those links.

There are various types of anchor texts, but some have certainly become favorable than others and its depending on the usage and situation. Earlier, using the exact match and keyword rich anchor text were one of the standard SEO best practices.

From the time, Penguin and Google become better at identifying over optimized contents, now this goes back to the golden rule about producing well-constructed contents, which are user friendly and natural. It also clarifies that, if you are trying to optimizing search engines and not the humans, then you are supposed to fail.


  1. Obsolete keyword research techniques

outdated SEO techniques

Keywords have certainly gone through some drastic changes over a decade. Marketers usually had some plethora of keywords to make us see what works well and what does not for the brand. Though, much of it went to the wayside with the keyword that has never been provided.

Recreating a correct keyword is simply impossible task to be executed. To create the keyword for search engines, some of the marketers turn to Google’s free keyword planner. But the time, you are trying to do this, you need to remember what that data actually represents for the keywords.

  1. Targeting exact match search queries

outdated SEO techniques


This technique is in hopes to rank for the queries solely for the traffic numbers and not for the search queries or its answer that has been pertained to the business optimized for. Marketers will strive to rank on the top spot for the exact match search queries in order to trigger a breakout box along with an increased click through rate for those websites.


  1. Exact match domains

outdated SEO techniques

Having high value keywords in your URL makes sense but to some extent. The time, it becomes confusing or misleading, one needs to draw a line. A best practice for the domains can be keeping a consistent with the brand. Running a good company and offering great products or services under that name, and Google will work of making that brand visible while relevant people are searching for it.

  1. Bad content

outdated SEO techniques


The time, you are posting bad contents on search engines, you should get a mind set of facing the consequences accordingly. Now, times have changed and Google is way smarter than us to detect whether the content is good or not.

In that case, you need to be focused on the good quality contents and post them on your site to gain achievement through. Stolen contents will not be allowed and if you think that keyword density will help, then it will not and you should know that.



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Ayushi Choudhary is a Jr. Content writer working with Ranking By SEO. In her corporate life she write many blogs and articles on SEO, Link building, SMO and many more.


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