youtube thumbnail tips

YouTube Thumbnail Tips

The first element that creates attraction towards a book is the front cover that not only provides a picturesque outline of the content but also encapsulates a person’s mindset. Because a simple bundle of words contained in pages would only be a manuscript that would not grab attention.

youtube thumbnail tips

Similarly, why does a movie have a poster? Because it’s the movie’s book cover that gives rise to interest among the ordinary people and the target audience. Hence a movie poster grabs attention. The foremost intention of any promotion is the creation of interest, taking the offering into the mind of millions of people.

Similarly, a simple video on YouTube would be a book without a cover and a summary, if not accompanied by a ‘thumbnail.’ A thumbnail is what a poster is to a movie. Hence, proper investment of quality time in making a thumbnail after making a YouTube video is of utmost significance. Because it guarantees whether the viewer will click on the play option or not. You can even download thumbnails of other YouTubers as a reference from Thumbnail draws attention to the actual video. Hence they must provide a vivid portrayal of the content.

Primary research always goes on regarding the elements that make a campaign successful, and proper identification and determination of those factors are crucial. Thumbnails that form such an integral aspect of a YouTube video also must be associated with similar significant factors.

Research has revealed that certain aspects need to be taken into consideration while making a successful one, ensure that your thumbnail has a human face whenever possible. If a close-up shot can be used, then it is better for you. This makes the image stand out irrespective of any device viewed on or any size. Eyes are known to be a window to someone’s soul.

youtube thumbnail tips

These emotive thumbnails could lead the viewers into the heart and soul of your video. The added emotion will pique the curiosity of viewers and make them want to see what caused the feeling in the video thumbnail. 

These factors can be briefed as below:

Use of close up of faces

It has to be ensured that the thumbnail should have a human face whenever possible, and if a close-up shot could be included, it would be even better. This makes the image stand out irrespective of any device viewed on or any size. If eyes are the window to the soul, the inclusion of eyes brimming with emotions can lead viewers into the heart and soul of your video. 

youtube thumbnail tips

Emotions that are added could trigger the curiosity of the viewers and make them crave to find out what caused the excitement in that video. Eye contact and close up of faces make a massive difference in thumbnails because humans prefer eye contact in grabbing attention.

Use of strong emotions

Human emotions and feelings play one of the most important aspects of a successful thumbnail. Emotions create the augmentation of the level of attachment to the video. Emotions directly relate to our inner self, and hence touching the right chords ensures success.

youtube thumbnail tips

The success of a thumbnail is directly correlated to the success and spread of the actual content. Once the emotions relate, so does the ingredients inside and, finally, the real video.

Bright background

Differentiation is critical because standing out amongst the rest needs something special. You need light to shine in the darkness, and similarly, light shades become prominent in a dark background and vice versa.

youtube thumbnail tips

The use of bright backgrounds creates a level of prominence that differentiates the thumbnail from others on YouTube. Moreover, they stand out against the backdrop of the channel. Bright colors always become the center of the eyes amid the competition, but too much effort into this might make the thumbnail look vulgar and cheap. 

Use of contrast

The use of contrast and outlines is highly essential for the video to be prominent against the background. They create a depth of the subject, making the thumbnail stand out even more vividly. A subtle filter would also aid in this essence, like sharpening the edges could create a subtle effect on your thumbnail.

Use of texts

The use of texts is generally not that preferred in thumbnails. But we can use the version up to the maximum of three to four words, also taking into account the prominence of the text against the background with a heavy outline or contrasting colors. 

youtube thumbnail tips

The use of complementary colors can add prominence to a thumbnail because they help in creating the much-needed contrast that creates differentiation. And not just thumbnails, they are necessary for YouTube banners as well. You can always look at templates for YouTube Banners to get quick references. Additional colors are those that are opposite to each other.

Moreover, thumbnails should have the least complexity because it needs to be ensured that the view is accessible to the eye and mind of the viewer. The visual representation should ensure that one easily comprehends what precisely the actual video is all about.

If you wish the video to be structured in such a way that the thumbnail could be paired with the title and to occur later in the video, then the reorganization could be done before the upload or mention should be at the beginning of the video. This would enable the thumbnail and the title to be covered later in the video.

The sole purpose of a video is to ensure attention and to guarantee that the viewer watches the main content and does not click away. Hence the video should not only represent the video, but a great tactic of gaining success would be to serve the first 10-15 seconds of the video. This is to ensure no one clicks away.

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