ways to improve online traffic

Are you unhappy with the amount of online visitors coming to your website? You have the design, you have the content and the quality offer of products or services, but people are simply not seeing it? Don’t panic. Prevailing in the online community today has become a challenging task, especially for young companies and startups. However, there are countless ways to improve your online traffic rates. Buzz Town Confess is here to help you push your website traffic rate to the next level with some simple yet efficient guidelines with the help of these handpicked 7 ways to increase online traffic.

7 ways to increase your online traffic rates in no time

As we mentioned, there is a plethora of ways to boost your traffic in ways that are simple and cost-efficient. It’s just a matter of research, time and effort. Of course, if you don’t have the time to deal with this, there are always professional companies out there that can offer their expert services. Movers Development is a company that focuses on the marketing needs of companies in the moving industry, but has years of experience in different aspects of digital marketing. There are countless other companies that you can also consult for any online-traffic related questions.

For now, we look into our selection of the top 7 tactics to improve your online traffic rates:

#1: Optimize your website content

ways to improve online traffic

Content optimization has become an irreplaceable piece of the puzzle for digital marketing efforts. Without it, you can’t really hope to be able to establish authority in your respective niche and present your story to potential customers. What does this mean specifically for your current content?

SEO offers plenty of ways to improve your online traffic rates. It means that you should go through all your pages and blog posts and make sure that they all have the following elements:

  • Catchy and interesting headlines
  • Rich content that is informative and useful to online readers
  • A well composed meta title and meta description
  • Sub-headlines and content structure
  • Images with captions and ‘alt’ text
  • Bullets, bold and italic text
  • Well positioned internal and external links.

#2: Advertise your business through various channels

You will have a hard time attracting people to your website if they can’t hear about you. The best way to solve this is through advertising on popular and reachable marketing channels. It’s not enough to simply have a blog and share it on social media platforms (although that is important). You have to go the extra mile and think outside the box – start from email marketing, guest blogging, local business listings, press releases, video presentations

You can’t hope to get online visitors without proper advertising efforts

#3: Improve your click-through rate (CTR)

Having people visit your website is no longer enough to create the results you want and need. After all, the point of any business at the end of the day is for people to purchase products or services after visiting the website. Otherwise, you might as well start a blog and become an influencer. So, in order to improve your online traffic rates, you have to focus on your click-through rates, whether it’s for the:

  • email marketing campaigns you send;
  • PPC advertising campaigns, or simply;
  • blog posts you share on social media etc.

The best way to accomplish this is through strong call to action (CTA) buttons and phrases that you should leave throughout the page (beginning, middle, end). Make sure that the CTAs are well composed to speak to the reader and inspire them to take action.

#4: Upgrade your website visibility

ways to improve online traffic

Website visibility is an important factor in the eyes of search engines. Otherwise, you can hardly hope to appear on search results to your target audience. In order to increase your website visibility, you first need to satisfy all the criteria of various search engines. This means that your website needs to be in good condition from technical, design and SEO perspectives. There are different ways to test this – there are marketing companies which offer a complete analysis of your website, which can prove useful for upgrading your website and its visibility.

Your website speed is one of the criteria you need to work on to improve your online traffic rates

#5: Improve conversions

When we previously discussed the click-through rate and content optimization, we mentioned that you need to guide people to actually make the purchase once they arrive on your website. This requires an ideal combination of content and well-positioned calls to action that will be obvious to people. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience – consider what would motivate you to convert into a client on certain websites.

#6: Improve your search rank

Improving your search rank is one of the easiest means to improve your traffic rates. However, this is also one of the hardest steps to make, depending on your current search term rankings. The first step towards achieving this is through detailed keyword research – find the terms that people will most likely type in to find your services or products. Once you do, you need to adapt your digital marketing efforts to those particular keywords:

  • Provide sufficient content for them
  • Link internally towards the pages that rank for them
  • Build your backlink strategy around them
  • Promote them in email and social media marketing campaigns
  • Track and monitor the progress daily and adjust accordingly

The higher you are in terms of search engine results, the more traffic your website will have

#8: Increase brand awareness

ways to improve online traffic

All the afore-mentioned steps will guide you towards building a strong and recognizable brand in your local community. However, there is always more that you can do to promote your business and improve your online traffic rates through brand development. Some of the most commonly practiced tactics include:

  • Guest blogging on other industry-relevant websites
  • Creating a referral program for others to promote you
  • Foster good relations with your local community
  • Make yourself present on other blogs, forums, public discussions etc.
  • Host webinars and attend conferences in your respective industry
  • Incorporate video content to promote your company etc.

In conclusion

These are simply several worth mentioning – there are plenty more that different companies and niches practice. The word of the day here is – research. Analyze what others are doing – look at other industries and their authoritative websites and companies. Read between the lines and adopt different tools to build your own unique strategy in order to improve your online traffic rates. Despite what anyone might tell you, knowledge is (and always has been) power – the more you know, the better of you are in modern business.

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