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AdWords Remarketing Email List

When it comes to advertise digitally and reach your exact audience based on their activity & engagement with your brand, Goggle AdWords tool help you to do so. Apart from targeting audience via affinity, interests and their behavior with your website, a brand can reach their target audience through their email ids database. Yes, you read it right; through email database.

Check these guided steps to create a adwords remarketing email list campaign.

Requirements for Ad Words Email Targeting Campaign-

To run the campaign on email database via adwords, you just need counted credentials and proceed with an expert advice. The requirements are:-

  • Google Adwords account & login credentials owned by you.
  • Landing page for your campaign.
  • Campaign is already structured/decided that you opting for search or banner ads.
  • Email database list (Format is discussed below)
  • Landing page is equipped with conversion codes & tracking codes based on your campaign goal.

That’s it. You are ready to structure Adwords email list targeting campaign.

Structure AdWords Email List Targeting Campaign:-

In new Ad Words Interface-

Step 1- Login to your adwords account.

Step 2- Considering that you have already structured your campaign, click on the tools icon. (located on top right)

adwords email marketing list

Step 3- Select audience manager under shared library menu from the drop down opened.

adwords email marketing list

Step 4- Select audience list menu from left menu bar and then click on + button

adwords email marketing list

Step 5- Select customer list from the menu options opened.

adwords email marketing list

Step 6- You will land on page where you will have to give a name to your audience & also upload the email database list. Once you have uploaded the list you will go to next screen to apply this audience to selected campaign of your choice & requirement.

You are all set to launch your campaign to exact target & email database niche.

Supported File Format for email database list:-

To execute an effective and successful adwords email targeting campaign, you are provided with option either to use designed template or design your own csv file to upload. To check detail of designed template and check lists for adwords email marketing campaign to upload the file successfully, click here.

In case you looking to create your own csv, you may follow the format as

  • Email- Email data must include a domain name
  • example@email.


  • Phone- Phone number data is accepted in the formats listed below
  • 1 (650) 253-0000
  • +16502530000
  • 1-650-253-0000
  • +65 6521-6789
  • Though you can ignore phone number from this sheet if you don’t have.


  • First Name- First name data is accepted in the formats listed here
  • suresh,
  • Ramesh


  • Last Name-Last name data is accepted in the formats listed here
  • Smith
  • smith-jones
  • Pérez


  • Country- Unhashed ISO two-letter country codes are supported
  • US
  • SG
  • BR
  • IN


  • Zip- Unhashed US and international formats are supported
  • 94303
  • 94303-5300
  • WC2H 8LG

This is it! Hope you easily have structured the adwords email targeting campaign easily without any hassle. Do share your feedback in comment section. Also, if you have any such article, you are most welcome to write for us as guest post.

In case you looking to structure the adwords display campaign, follow the guided steps here.

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