importance of wikipedia in digital marketing

Exploring the Potentials of Wikipedia in Digital Marketing

With the advent of technology, a lot has changed in the business world. From advertising the products and services to the aspects of business strategies, the business world has gone through drastic changes in the past couple of decades. With the ever-increasing growth and use of the internet, businesses are now using this medium one of the most powerful and innovative marketing tactics.

Accurate product marketing is one of the major concerns of the entrepreneurs and the business owners and probably one of the toughest challenge faced by digital marketers. The online world is the only place where millions of businesses and companies have flocked together for product promotion. For that very reason, many companies and businesses now use Wikipedia as the marketing platform. Using Wikipedia as marketing can be an effective marketing strategy, but it has its own challenges and difficulties.

The Effectiveness Of Wikipedia In Marketing:

Ever since its creation, Wikipedia has been one of the most preferred information sources—which is one of the key reason as to why Wikipedia is used as a marketing platform. Undeniably, Wikipedia is the largest digital encyclopedia and one of the most visited websites present on the internet. The fact that Wikipedia is a powerful marketing tool might surprise you a little since we all have been using it as an informative site, not a business platform.

importance of wikipedia

This newly discovered potential of Wikipedia has provided many small, medium and huge businesses the opportunity to establish better and improved online credibility. When it comes to digital marketing, credibility and authenticity count the most. Many businesses and companies have been flocking on this platform to make a better online reputation.

The major reason for such extensive use of Wikipedia in marketing is its popularity. But, that’s not the only reason, Wikipedia is a globally trusted information site which ranks the highest on the every search engine results pages. Additionally, many people believe that the content found on Wikipedia is authentic and reliable. Having a wiki page of your business provides you with all these benefits and also promises increased online visibility and effective presence.  

If you look for your business online, your business wiki-page is going to rank higher than your official business website. Wikipedia is a great place to start a business if you want to build an increased online presence. People are more likely to believe the information available on Wikipedia than on any other site or even your official site.

Implementing Wikipedia As A Marketing Tool:

There are tons of reasons for using Wikipedia as a marketing tool. But, the real question that emerges is how one can use Wikipedia in marketing. Unquestionably, integrating Wikipedia in digital marketing strategy is not a cakewalk. The real challenge comes with the page creation process.

Even though creating a page on Wikipedia is free, but it’s not completely free of cost. It is highly recommended to consult professional Wikipedia writers for hire to create wiki-worthy pages. Here’s a guide on how you can leverage Wikipedia in marketing and use it for maximizing your business benefits:

  •    Start By Page Creation:

To use Wikipedia in digital marketing strategy, you need to have a wiki page so that you can benefit from the credibility and popularity of this platform. However, not everyone qualifies for the page creation process; you need to be clear the notability test for that. Before you start creating your wiki page, make sure that the topic you have selected has received coverage from other credible sites and resources.

Once you have cleared the notability test, you are all set to begin the page creation process. Make sure to maintain to neutral content tone as Wikipedia doesn’t support promotional or advertising content.

  •    Benefit From Wiki Backlinks:

One of the most debated topics among digital marketers is the authenticity of wiki backlinks. The wiki backlinks are of significant importance when it comes to increasing brand visibility. Wikipedia backlinks hold significant potential in making your article wiki-worthy. Make sure that you add in-text links to other similar wiki pages in your articles to make your written piece credible.

  •    Maintain And Monitor Your Wiki-Presence:

Just like you monitor and evaluate the performance of every digital marketing strategy, you need to monitor how well your wiki page is performing in generating leads and driving organic traffic. You alone should manage your wiki page which can be done by using various approaches like enabling notifications and by adding your page on the watch list.

Most importantly, make sure that you have an active Wikipedia account. Add your business details and personal email to get all the relevant Wikipedia notifications and alerts.

importance of wikipedia

  • Wikipedia Research

Research is the first element to most of the things in contemporary times and the same is the first step to a Wikipedia page. A researcher finds out the content regarding the project or the page that is to be made and this then becomes one of the bases of all the other tasks that are to be done.

  •    Add Graphic Element In Your Wiki Content:

For composing a wiki page, you can consult numerous highly-experienced Wikipedia writers for hire. However, once your content has been composed, make sure to add a few graphic elements in it to make it eye-capturing.

Ensure that images are of high-quality, blurry images have adverse effects on quality score. The color code and image itself should hold some relevance to your brand so that your wiki page is easily identifiable by your potential prospects.

Wrapping It Up:

Using an informative site a marketing platform is not a new concept. Where Wikipedia is providing you with a golden opportunity to make your brand better and innovative, bear in mind that it is prone to vandalism. One negative thing on Wikipedia could be catastrophic for your business and brand. So monitoring and updating the content is of high importance.

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