SEO Trends and Techniques in 2019

SEO Trends and Techniques in 2019 : The Big Game Changer

2019 has begun with new search opportunities, tools, and trends.

Technologies like Voice search and augmented reality stepped into the marketplace, so it’s become crucial to take up the charge and develop a strong SEO strategy that shines in the changing marketplace.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have completely transformed the way we interact with online content.

Hence to keep up with the changing SEO trends, it is essential to determine the latest SEO trends and techniques in 2019. This article lists the important SEO trends that you must know.

Let’s explore these trends and incorporate them on your website to boost SEO ranking.

  1. Understanding User search intent optimization

User intent Optimization is also known as the Skyscraper Technique 2.0.

It is crucial to understand what the user is looking for and provide them the solutions in the simplest way.

Today, it is not enough to put some keywords in the blog and expect it to rank top in the SERPs.

The main reason being that Google is not showing results based on keywords but, it focuses on the results that are based on user intent.

For example, if a user is looking for Best ways to optimize a website for SEO, then we must create content that provides him complete information about all the methods that are needed to optimize a website for SEO and why the method is great and needed.

This user intent optimization technique will help to boost the search engine ranking of your post.

  1. Voice Search: Less Typing More Talking

Voice search is the new future of searches. According to the experts, By 2020, 50% of all the searches will be voice search.

With the constantly changing SEO, the increase in the voice search is the biggest change till now.

Users will acquire more and more voice-controlled technologies. The products like Amazon Echo, Siri, and Amazon Alexa are gaining momentum. People are using Alexa for even switching off lights and other conveniences, thus allowed more tasks to be automated.

The businesses which optimize their website for specific keywords now have to change their approach to use these longtail voice searches in their content.

  1. High-Quality Content Development

Content is still king, and it will continue to be in the upcoming years too.

If you want to win the hearts of your customers, then you must have to deliver the quality content.

High-quality content development is very crucial and is a successful SEO strategy. The content should be highly informative and must be helpful for the readers.

If your website is content-dry, it will not get progress with SEO techniques too. You have to produce high-quality content if you want to beat your competitors and want to rank on the top of Google rankings.

  1. Be Ready for Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile- first indexing means that the search engine uses the mobile version of your website pages for indexing and ranking.

This method is applicable by Google because it eliminates the weak link while indexing content.

When Google started indexing desktop content, it started eliminating the poor loading content that was dragging the mobile searches.

But with making mobile-index a priority, the issue of poor loading content is reduced.

With the increasing use of mobile users, Google recommends creating mobile responsive websites.

It’s not that Google will not crawl the desktop version of your website when it says mobile-first indexing.

It means that if you have a mobile-friendly website, Google will show your website higher than the ones that are not mobile-friendly.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

The technology like Artificial Intelligence has become very popular in recent years and AI and chatbots are helping companies to connect with their users anywhere anytime.

Google also stated that along with the content and backlinks, RankBrain is also among the top three ranking signals.

Along with Artificial Intelligence, chatbots have also become very popular in the social media page and website pages of a company.

It offers 24/7 service and intends to look that messages will receive a quick response to their queries.

For any digital marketing company, Artificial intelligence technologies offer more automation to a website and provide a guide to the user to navigate in your website.

  1. Social Media and Online Videos

Social media plays a big rule in SEO. With the increasing SEO trends, the social media channels will keep on increasing effective social media strategies to integrate with the search.

With the increasing use of the internet today, there has been a rapid increase in the ability to take live videos that allows an event to capture in real time.

As per the Cisco report, by 2020, online videos will drive up to 80% of internet traffic.

So, if you are not using video marketing, you are losing a lot of traffics to your website.

And those who have incorporated video marketing on their website, they have much more to do.


YouTube – the second most popular search engine (first is Google). So, with this, there is high competition in the market.  As more and more videos are being uploaded, you have to create good quality and highly optimized video to be on the top of search results.

To win the changing game of SEO, you need to stay updated with the latest SEO trends and re-position your strategy according to these trends.

George is corporate relationship manager at INC Academy – provide Social Media marketing training in Dubai. He likes to share his knowledge on SEO, Social media, and Content marketing topics.


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