Heavy Text in Image Facebook

Too much image text; What does it mean? More than 20% text on image

Text in designed advert image for your campaign includes text laid over the photo or may be illustration, watermarks or text-based logos used in an designed advert image. This also covers text in the thumbnail images that are used for videos and images used as cover photos/ Profile photos of the promoted Pages.

Impact of Heavy Text In Image

More text on any designed image or video for Facebook Advert campaigns may result in limited reach of your ads. The reach may be reduced by 80% comparative to normal ad reach. In-fact there is chance that your ads may not be even approved by Facebook.

Less reach of your ads will eventually decrease the ROI and yield of the campaign.

What is the text limit?

Facebook prefers designed advert images with little or no text. Images with a heavy texts will create a low-quality experience for Facebook users and hence is not recommended by Facebook. Additionally, it limits the reach of your ad campaign or may even disapprove the ad set.

How to reduce or balance the text amount on advert image?

Its highly recommended to use maximum of your texts as ad copy of the campaign. Only keep highlighted texts or no text on image to keep the reach of your campaign up-to targeted potential market.

Facebook 20% Text Image checker Tool

Facebook provides a tool to advertiser to check the compatibility of designed images for running the campaigns via advert. You just need to upload your designed creatives on the link & it will automatically analyze the effectiveness of its performance based on text on the image. Hence, it is also called as Text Overlay Tool.

Follow the link to check you image performance on Facebook Advert. https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay#


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